Business Spanish

Achieve your professional goals through effective communication

"Need Your Spanish To Communicate With Foreign Clients In Spain And Latin America?
I'm here to help."

Beginners and not-so-beginners

We’ll start with the basics: ser and estar, survival vocabulary and a good pronunciation base – not as separate, water-tight compartments, but rather as components of chunks of language that will allow you to talk to others about you and the world around you, as well as to discover the vibrant, multi-coloured culture of the Spanish-speaking world I am proudly part of.

Results-oriented communication

Whether you need to phone a business partner in Madrid or email a supplier in Medellín, we’ll go through the basic phrases, vocabulary, do’s and don’ts. And we’ll drill, rehearse and role-play till you feel confident enough to make that phone call and write that email. Having lived, studied and worked both in Colombia and Spain, I can guide you through the peculiarities of Spanish from either side of the Atlantic. When doing business abroad, it’s important to be aware of both linguistic and cultural differences.

The method

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