Prove your skills and study or work in the Spanish-speaking world

Need to certify your level of spoken and written Spanish? Let me help you.

Expresión e interacción orales (Speaking)

Getting you ready for the exam is more than just role-playing exam tasks. It also involves both working on the right strategies to succeed in the exam and drilling the grammar, pronunciation and lexical issues that prevent you from succeeding in your exam tasks.

Once we’ve done that, you will role-play exam tasks – and you’ll get precise feedback on your performance.

Expresión e interacción escrita (Writing)

Not only will I correct your essays with detailed annotations based on standardised examiner criteria, but I will give you the tools to write correctly and effectively.

Comprensión de lectura/Comprensión auditiva y uso de la lengua (Reading/Listening and Use of Spanish)

We’ll work on strategies to succeed in these parts of the exam.

The method


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